Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Resolutions - 2007

I have been flipping internet pages, if you will, reading up on some of my habitual blog stops, and I am beginning to notice a common theme. Resolutions. People really do make them. I have never been one much for making, or sticking to them if I do make them, but I am thinking that maybe now is the time to grow up. Or to at least make some realistic ones and be grown up enough about them to strive to reach them. Goals, really. Things I would like to accomplish in the next year.

So, with each one of you as my witness, here we go. No pressure. =)

1) Get involved in a regular Bible Study.
2) Read some of those Top 100 Books - Goal - 10
3) Finish decorating my poor children's bedrooms.
4) Begin a more scheduled day for my small family.
5) Try more new recipes. (I know my DH will love that one!)
6) Resume Quiet Times and journaling. (As a mommy of 2.5, this will probably be the hardest.)
7) Grow more in my relationship to my Savior.

I think that should be enough to keep anyone busy. Keep in mind, 2 year old, 1 year old, and baby due in April. These little precious people take up much of my time, and they deserve it. I find that most days, even if it is a day spend 'putting out fires' in the wake of those cute kids of mine, though, I simply don't make time for things that will better me. It is much easier to sit down in front of this computer and read about other folks, play games, or even make blog entries.

So, as I prayerfully endeavor to continue growing with my children and my husband, trying to keep pace with the demands of a four-soon-to-be-five person home, maintain friendships, keep commitments, and all the other day to day pieces that complete the puzzle that is my life, I hope not to lose sight of these 7 Resolutions. Not being a particularly disciplined person, this will take tons of prayer and quite a bit of fortitude. =) Bring it on!


Joshua said...

I am truly blessed to be married to this lady, am I not?

Anonymous said...

Josh - You are a very lucky guy.

Aubrey - that's quite a list of books, there, and some of them look like they'd be quite the project to plow through. Classics, as Mark Twain put it, are books that everyone likes to have read. Still, there are a few on that list that are fun and good literature at the same time. If I can offer some unsolicited advice:

- Don't start with Moby Dick or anything by James Joyce. Reading that sort of stuff, at least in my experience, feels like I'm doing it because of a resolution. At some point in my life, I hope to be able to read stuff like that and enjoy it, but I'm not there now.

- On this list, I'd recommend 1984 as a good one that's still fairly fun to read, same with The Old Man And The Sea. Also, 100 Years of Solitude is long, but it's absolutely wild and really pretty fun.

- There is some great literature that didn't make it on the list. To Kill a Mockingbird and Fahrenheit 451 spring to mind are also worth a read, and fall into the category of "fun classics" if that makes any sense. I think I had to read those in high school (probably you did too), and it's fun to go back and read them again now that it's not forced. Completely different experience.

- garrett