Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Bring Your Own Kleenex

The kids have been on the downhill slide since Wednesday, but they are finally on the upswing from a yucky summer cold.  Just in time for rain.  So after being home bound for two days, we were still inside most of the day due to weather.

Poor Joshua was in the bed all day.  He made a short appearance around lunch and then crawled back to the cave for the remainder of the day.

And me, I'm battling.  I'm loaded on Vitamin C and all things healthy I can get my hands on, plus Nutella for survival reasons, and praying against this disease.  I've plans for the weekend you see, and it simply won't do to be sniffling and hacking my way around.

Daniel is almost completely better and proudly practicing his new found skillz.

Pretty adorable, don't you agree?

We've been working on a 1000 piece puzzle.  It's coming along nicely.  Thanks, Mom!

Thomas has been working on a magic show that he will perform for us tomorrow, hopefully.  He keeps forgetting his props in Daniel's room and only remembers them when Daniel is sleeping.  Apparently he doesn't know enough magic to make things apparate from one room to another.

Sarah Grace has been reading up on Apollo, Buzz Aldrin, space rockets, space travel, and other assorted space trivia.  She even wrote a quick report.

The little girls have played Candy Land and spent copious amounts of time in my lap while I read to them.  Among others, I've read Curious George Flies a Kite three times today.  There are a surprising number of pages in that book.  They've also been working on a puzzle.  I heard lots of giggling and arguing over what went where.  Each time Elizabeth would place a piece correctly, she would say 'Abracadbra, peanut butter and jelly!"  Then she and Anna would giggle.  It's a pretty sweet memory even if I'm not real sure where everyone's sudden interest in magic came from.

So, how's was your day??

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